8 thoughts on “New Medication (Lorazepam)

  1. allenpalin

    you're beautiful…btw this might sound weird but The Departed brought me here.
    p.s. try weed for medication, it works.

  2. Michael Caprino

    If you have anxiety or stress try a beta blocker, you can get addicted to ativan within weeks not months…

  3. TheDopeSounds

    I had bad anxiety. I had to start taking lorazepam…but after a while it started making me feel worse and the ADDICTION was bad. I was finally able to taper off and my god do I feel so much better. Not to mention it is dangerous. I hope you are able to feel better. I wish you nothing but the best sweet girl.

  4. earlofchiswick

    dont take more than ½ a day they are very hard to get off if you take one or more, easiest way is the diazepam taper over a 3 weeks to 4 months.

  5. Ste Carr

    Brave and honest, hope you are getting the help you need. Best wishes from a fellow sufferer of anxiety/depression. We are stronger than we, sometimes, think.

  6. Joaquin ramirez

    You will be fine you just have to remember when dealing with emotions you can always change that. Remember to be yourself and don't think of what others think because that can sometimes cause fear but I suggest if they don't like me I'm ok with that because I know who I am and I'm not an evil person. Be happy for who you and don't let fear get in the way of things. If I I'm in a situation where fear try to interfere with my life I will not allow it I suck it up and think about the positive. 

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