the side effects of lorazepam

By | November 9, 2015

why the voice? why the jibberish?
i think the only question answered was why i was admitted to hospital. LOL. i dont think i was even speaking english that day. i’m just glad the pig didnt get hurt.

15 thoughts on “the side effects of lorazepam

  1. Long Johnathan

    Lorez made me trip for like 10 miniutes so i kept gong up and down the stairs after not remembering if i did

  2. gazozisteyenvarmi

    Have i said something else? I'm not takin Benzo's anymore n there are many more pampams like broma, oxa, nitra, flunitra etc… How i said if you like Alpra then try Clona aka Rivotril of Roche -2mg- peace!

  3. gazozisteyenvarmi

    Yes it is. I have tried tetrazepam medazepam and diazepam too… its a nice feeling on these pills but very danger when you hang on thoose things…. I allways took them carefull and when im take it too. i know it can be very bad at the ending when the peaple dont to know how to use it. Sorry for my bad english:) see ya Asprin^^

  4. Asprin

    @gazozisteyenvarmi is it? I've only ever had lorazepam and diazepam, dammit i shoulda held out for something better when i was given it lol

  5. gazozisteyenvarmi

    lorazepam is good but alprazolam is much better believe me 🙂 but my favourite is allmost clonazepam;) try it!

  6. Asprin

    your dog is awesome, I wanna eat him with cheese on. Not really though, I'm more a fan of oysters. I've never eaten an oyster in my life, though… BOOBIES!

  7. Mindbattler

    lol thanks for your comments, I am on the College pcs so nothing works!! haha, YAY!! 😀 My dog wants a hug LOL

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