No Ativan!!! Lesson learned!

By | November 18, 2015

Well, due to not making appointments with my psychiatrist led me to not having a refill one weekend and i will never do that again!! I cant believe how quick withdrawals take effect as soon as you miss your dose of lorezapam ( ativan). I take 2mg at night along with Mirtazapine ( remeron) for insomnia/anxiety that i experience right before i go to bed.
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18 thoughts on “No Ativan!!! Lesson learned!

  1. Scott Douglas MacLachlan

    Following 2 years of Klonopin, I was switched to 5 years of Ativan, with at least 3 years at 8 mg per day. I was essentially abandoned (cold-turkeyed) by my GP, the local ER, after the head of psychiatry at a detox I'd sought out for pre/post surgical morphine. I was a basket-case for nearly a year (tremors, insomnia, agoraphobia, near psychosis, horrible vertigo, and didn't see any hope until I hit the 7 month off mark. GP's should NEVER be allowed to prescribe ANY type of benzo, and phychiatrists need to get it through their thick skulls that benzos should only be prescribed for 2 week periods, with at least 2 weeks between off. They should also recognize the neuropharmacology, and science of down-regulation of GABA receptors. It's the corruption of these receptors that inevitably results in having to updose; a cycle that continues for years & years, until they ethically cannot prescribe more, and only then, force their patients to either switch to another psychotropic (pills for everyone!!!), or they taper them off way too quickly. It's a freaking racket, and they know it.

  2. Michael Harris

    hey I know this video is old.  Any update?  I hope you're not using Ativan anymore.


  3. Kim Clark

    I was given 3 or 4 days worth of this for a panic attack and heart palpatations. Do I need to taper off of a 1mg dose? He gave them to me as every 6 hours or as needed.

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  5. WhizzKid84

    u take 2 mg a day for 10 years and ur not addicted? lmfao the meds must have already fucked up your brain alot. stop taking it today and tell me how u feel in a couple of days… and then tell me ur not addicted

  6. JohnnyX1239

    You stupid fuck, I don't even realize you are addicted, after taking that shit for 10 years there is no doubt whatsoever that you're addicted, fuckin liar.

  7. MrMarkocroatia

    When you're having a mega panic attack and you're really, really struggling to get through, relief is the answer and used sparingly lorazepam can have that effect.

  8. masterpsychosis

    I never abused it, I took it exactly like the psychiatrist told me every night prior to bed, I work in the medical field and taking it more than what I needed to is not a good idea in order to be fully alert. I have been off benzo's and pills altogether now for over a year and a half.

  9. DarkAngelus25

    Don't fucking abuse the Lorazepam moron. I've been taking Lorazepam for 10 years and I'm not addicted. I take 2 1 MG tabs twice daily. It's people like you who need rehab.

  10. masterpsychosis

    you are so young for anxiety medication, and I would ask him for anything that is NOT nacrcotic, of course only the doctor can tell you what is best only. You are very young, anxiety kicks in, just go out for a walk, relax with some video games, watch some vids online, keep your mind off it, play games on your phone, anything you like to do to keep your mind off anything that makes you anxious, or nervous. I do it, and it works and I no longer take medicine. Trust me on this!!!!!

  11. mrbrianroche

    I'm 16 and my phyciarist wants me to take medication for anxiaty and I'm scared that it will change me into a whole different person but should I take it I don't even go outside my house if Somone that is taking medication for anxiaty and sees this comment please reply back and give me you're opinion it would be much appreciated I have very bad anxiaty

  12. masterpsychosis

    obviously my body was since my doctor failed to mention anything about consequences on stopping it, wasn't fair on my end..i stopped all medicine over a year ago as showed on my other videos when I progressed to being narcotic free.

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