Ben: Diary Of A Heroin Addict

By | December 23, 2015

As a bright schoolboy from a loving, middle-class family Ben Rogers was expected to make a success of his life. Raised in a quiet, picturesque village Ben was a Boy Scout, loved cricket, played in the school orchestra and looked forward to the annual family holiday. But despite his privileged start in life Ben found himself on the road to ruin, injecting heroin up to four times a day.

During his last months, Ben kept a video diary of his drug use and desperate attempts to come off heroin. Ravaged by the drug, Ben’s body began to break down: he developed DVT and his veins were rendered so useless he had to inject into his groin. Despite his family’s best efforts, Ben couldn’t stop. He was haunted by, and hooked on, heroin.

Ben: Diary of A Heroin Addict charts his lies and manipulation as he mixes his next hit whilst telling his mother Anne he is clean and making a new start. It reveals Anne’s anger and tears as Ben loses his fight against the drugs and shows how father Mike’s unconditional love continues undiminished as they are forced to deal with their son’s addiction.

Director Olly Lambert comments: “It’s incredibly rare to come across such raw and unflinching footage of a man so close to an abyss. I was speechless when I first watched it. I hope the film finishes what Ben had begun: to give people a visceral understanding of the nature of addiction. It has been a privilege to try and unpick who Ben really was using the intimate legacy he’s left behind.”

“I hope to god you look at these videos and see what a mess I got myself into”. Ben Rogers.
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7 years, 6 doctors, & 9 different meds
Review of experiences I’ve had since being diagnosed as bipolar 2 / anxiety disorder in 2007 & thoughts on different medications. I am now taking 3 meds 3 times a day. Lamictal, Cymbalta, & Ativan.

28 thoughts on “Ben: Diary Of A Heroin Addict

  1. adlernewman

    What a misguided enabling family. He was not a "poor guy", he was a guy who chose heroin and self pity and whose family helped him in making himself a victim. They were treating him like a child when in fact he was an adult man responsible for his own wellbeing.

  2. Facundo Naz

    excuse my bad englih but i fell sorry for ben . he wanted to get well at the end of it . i am adicted of bendoziapipines and im afraind of having a brain haemorrage like ben did . i worked all my life , i have bussiness that caused my a lot of streess so i have to take these fucking pills to take the pain away . im sorry for you ben and i hope you are in a better place now .

  3. Mobil Konto

    Ben seem to be a good hearted guy. Despite of his illness he still was concerned about his fathers worry about him.
    The most junkies lose their humbleness and gets coold and self-centred, but not Ben.

    RIP Ben. Hope Jesus take care of you.

  4. Russiasvechenaya

    I wonder how the fuck did he not sell his camera? I once bought a tv for 700 and sold it for 250 a week later

  5. Ksenija Petrov

    I hope thise documentary will help people who using drogs to stop…..RIP Ben I hope you are still with us

  6. Ksenija Petrov

    BUT….. way are many people on earth adiccted to drugs….they fell pain and Jesus that neddlles god…

  7. Andy Dufresne

    I'd quite happily kneecap the fucker that introduced him into heroin, However he seems to have had a very addictive personality, "always chasing the best high" sort of mentality, until it consumed his life, Poor parents, It' made me very upset seeing his dad a 71 still having to provide for his family because they had no money left…

  8. TIdal dre

    rest in peach Ben all I saw was the monster heroin in you're eyes and voice not you Ben may you rest in peach

  9. rolo

    Drugs is just a temporary way to free yourself from the clutter of the mind. It makes your mind open. But drugs is a false reality and addiction is waiting for you on the corner. That is why you need to overcome the clutter of the mind without pleasure seeking narcotics. Seeking pleasure keeps the clutter alive. Only the Truth of Life can change the mind and overcome the falsehoods of the mind, because the Truth shows you how life works and what you really are. Google TruthContest and read the Present

  10. Figo Men

    mi dispiace,,,,,,,,,, una storia vera e triste !!!!! una famiglia buona che ha combattuto al fianco del proprio caro !! R I P

  11. FabyBaby 36

    it's astonishing how nice his family is about all of it, I know the real him is a good guy but he was killing his family

  12. FabyBaby 36

    us heroin addicts are master manipulators…..I'm on day 2 without any but I had some subutex, but my car is gone for now so Idk how I'm going to feel tomorrow but at lesat I'm not using dope…

  13. Adolf Kitler

    Got me right in the feels. Sad waste of life, just couldn't beat his demons. Heroin isn't racist or sexist, doesn't worry about class or religion, he welcomes all.

  14. Militant Atheist

    I was on 400 of Seroquel and it gave me dystonia.  Three days after stopping the medicine, the dystonia went away.  On Depakote now and it workds for me.  (Bipolar 1 without psychotic features)

  15. Alan Pineda

    I love what you say in the beginning of the video more of us should be talking and reviewing our medication on media outlets like this one because medication can have side effects the doctors don't warn you about

  16. cellogirl11RW

    Rispiredal doesn't have Adderal in it. The only active ingredient in it is rispiredone. I know this because I have taken it before and read the prescription labels. I find it interesting that you reacted that way to Rispiredal and Seroquil. I have taken both of them and didn't have any significant side effects besides weight gain, which was why I stopped them. I am now on Lamictal, Cymbalta, Gabapentin, Klonopin (standing), and lithium carbonate XR.

  17. Vulgora

    i was on risperdol and i had tremors i was so depressed i had a depressed panicattack for days  my bitch doc put me on it and watned me off pot

  18. Battling Bipolar

    Seroquel Is the worst! Horrible nightmares, no feelings, appetite increase. Any time I complained my Doc would say 'You're only on a low dose' I would love him to take it for a week and function.

  19. The Monkey and The Wolf

    Wait, you almost died in the car…you could have injured children…you could go crazy…and you're back on meds???!!! Are YOU freaking crazy? I appreciate you sharing, but cannot believe it. Ever heard of meditation?

  20. Dahlia Von Hellion

    The struggle is real! I wish I'd been diagnosed that easily, I got diagnosed with ADHD and every screwed up symptom that did not match up with ADHD WHAT SO EVER always got blamed on my adhd and I was prescribed the highest amount of ritalin possible (72mg) despite only being 100lb and that drove my anxiety THROUGH THE ROOF. I'm prescribed seroqel at the moment for sleep and 25mg during the day and its crazy to hear about your first time taking it!! The first time I took 25mg I felt calmer but I basically felt nothing and that one pill was meant to knock me out for the night as well (so 2 pills a day) but no no no, after a week I found out it took 3 pills to even get me remotely tired lol. Glad to hear you got a great doc, they're hard to find lol. And It's interesting to find out that crazy dreams can be associated with bipolar coz mine are nuts hahaha

  21. Julia Skagfjord

    Have you tried "true hope emp?" It is a natural cure for bi-polar. I can relate to your story. Much love, you are beautiful.

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