I’m Getting Off Of Old Meds & Being Put On New Ones.

By | January 10, 2016

I'm Getting Off Of Old Meds & Being Put On New Ones.

xanax, valium, and vyvanes are the meds I’m off of, and zoloft & ativan are the new meds I’m being put on.
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7 thoughts on “I’m Getting Off Of Old Meds & Being Put On New Ones.

  1. Nigelxman

    Benzo's are evil.  I'm tapering off of Ativan and suffering big time.  I really hope you aren't still taking any benzo's.

  2. RBRShortFilms13

    Yeah I understand. Making reviews in HD is always the best! Good luck! I hope your doing okay in NY with Hurricane Sandy.

  3. lostlifevids

    np. i havent really been active on this channel i plan on starting a media news program on youtube, equally honest etc. ive shot a short film, and im in film school. ill see if i can watch them, im in nyc so im all hurricaned right now. ill see if i can do a few reviews next week. thanks btw im not done doing reviews i just wanna do higher quality on youtube.

  4. RBRShortFilms13

    Thanks for the advice! I haven't seen you comment on any of my videos lately. How you've been? Have you seen Revenge of a ghost face, Insane, and Insane Michael's Origin yet? It would be awesome if you could review them. I'd like to know your thoughts on how far I've come as a director since Haunting. Let me know. I just miss your reviews. They were so awesome and I loved your honest opinion on my films. If you can review my newest movies let me know. If you can't, I understand.

  5. lostlifevids

    Meds are tough. From 13 to 20 i was on meds, my list: prozac,lexapro, zoloft, ativan, depakote. thats all i can really remember. im 21 and on no current medication. i do know the feeling well of not being urself. unable to find motivation to do things u love. its easy to get discouraged and angry, u have to keep in mind its not ur fault and go easy on urself. ativan is highly addictive, for me that little pill became a lifeline in high school and not in a good way so im glad its only a few weeks

  6. RBRShortFilms13

    I'll do a micro naps test again when schools over with. i can't afford to feel like shit at school. Haha!

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