What is anxiety neurosis on earth?

By | June 10, 2016

Anxiety is the most common form of emotional states, such as quick examination, did not review if you feel good, it will tense worry, this is anxiety. At this time, seize the time to review usually sit, can reduce anxiety and actively do something. This anxiety is a protective response, also known physiological anxiety. When the severity of anxiety and objective events or circumstances clearly incompatible, or the duration is too long, it becomes a pathological anxiety, known as anxiety symptoms, compliance with the relevant diagnostic criteria, it would be diagnosed as anxiety disorder, also known as anxiety obstacles.

First talk about the definition of an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is an unpleasant, painful emotional state, accompanied by uncomfortable experience physical aspects. The anxiety disorder is a group of symptoms of anxiety as the main clinical phase of mood disorders, often contain two sets of symptoms:
1 Emotional symptoms in a patient feel nervous, fear, fear, fear, anxiety, inner experience. What nervous fear? Some people may be afraid to say explicitly object, some people may not know what fear, but just feel afraid;
2 Somatic symptoms are often accompanied by tension, while autonomic hyperactivity performance, such as palpitation, shortness of breath, dry mouth, sweating, tremors, facial flushing, and sometimes there will be a sense of impending doom, my heart very uncomfortable, think he was going to die, when there will be a serious sense of loss of control.

In today’s society, whether adults or children will be varying degrees of pressure. Under heavy pressure in the long term it is easy to let emotions affected, followed by anxiety, depression and other psychological problems will appear. Among the many people who have psychological problems, anxiety majority. Life, many people have a misconception of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorder is a mental illness.

Truth: People often refers to the mouth of psychosis is schizophrenia. Anxiety disorders are a kind of emotional distress, one of the causes is the lack of the brain chemical neurotransmitter secretion, but with a brain neurotransmitter chemical schizophrenia vary, therefore, not the same as schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, in In most cases there will be no auditory hallucinations, delusions and so on.

Anxiety disorders are mainly personal character issues are usually more introverted. Character must be completely reversed before overcome anxiety.

Truth: Some people in the anxiety disorders may really more introverted personality, but this is only one possible cause, in addition to more congenital or acquired factors, such as family history, brain chemistry neurotransmitters secreted factors under long-term heavy pressure in the individual’s thinking patterns and habits have a significant impact. Therefore, without deliberately twisting character, targeted is the key.

No matter how severe anxiety disorder, you can completely rely on personal willpower to overcome.

Truth: If you use a strong will to face the current emotional distress, does have a positive effect on the ease, but it alone will not overcome personal anxiety, you also need a professional, systematic approach to succeed, such as professional self-help books, counseling, more serious drugs need more help.

As long as the timing and quantity of psychotropic drugs, anxiety disorders can be cured.

Truth: the drug does have some help for anxiety disorders, but not purely physiological causes of anxiety caused by the individual maladaptive thinking patterns and error methods to deal with stress is also key, so drug therapy and psychological counseling are complementary.

People who suffer from anxiety disorders because life is too tight, just learn to relax, to travel to relax, or to the health museum to be a spa massage just fine.

Truth: Yes, a lot of anxiety friends usually do not know how to relax, so relax and living a balanced life, helping to alleviate anxiety is not small. However, anxiety is not simply a question of life overwrought negative way of thinking behind the anxiety and associated negative behavior is the key. Moreover, reducing the immediate pressure of life, such as play and other methods to relax, often only a temporary solution, we always can not travel every day or do hydromassage it. To effectively cure the core problem, and maintenance must occur for anxiety disorders.

Life from time to time there will be a feeling of anxiety, these feelings appear on behalf of suffering from anxiety disorders.

Truth: daily life, the feeling of anxiety is common, no one can be truly carefree. First, we tell if their anxiety is too much, long, unnecessary; Secondly, we need to see whether such anxiety about their negative impact on daily life, such as lead can not go to work, go to school and so on. Only two of these to meet the needs of our attention and anxiety before treatment.

The above description is for anxiety misunderstanding related content, I hope for your help. Although anxiety is not equivalent to mental illness, but we can not underestimate its hazards, severe cases can affect mental health, daily life can also cause a great impact.

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