Erectile dysfunction, low libido, and their natural remedies

By | March 6, 2017

We all know how much devastating and stressful erectile dysfunction could be, especially if we had once lived through the experience and there was no immediate help forthcoming. It is something nobody would ever want to go through again, and would for sure pay any price for any promising remedy in sight. Sometimes you are so much miserable and depressed you can’t even imagine there could be a cure for your affliction. Yet, quite sincerely, erectile dysfunction can be treated quickly and effectively in nine out of ten persons who either have a problem to get an erection during sex or simply lose their libido or erection before or during intercourse.
Yes, indeed; nine out of ten persons can have their erectile dysfunction problem solved quietly at home using expert techniques readily available online; and, of course, the biggest advantage of this is that it finally turns out to be far much cheaper than if they were to see a professional sex therapist at a clinic in their neighborhood.
The most important reason why a man would ever seek urgent treatment for erectile dysfunction is that the affliction strikes at the very heart of his manhood and puts into question his masculinity and sexual relationships. If he can’t master a full erection, firm enough for a successful sexual encounter; he simply feels like a person whose whole being, pride, and sense of masculinity have been completely shattered or crumpled into the dust. His presumptions about his unbeatable sexuality will have been shaken to the core. This person could be you! So, surely, the sooner you got back to full erections and enjoyable sex the better. You can’t afford to continue suffering silently while your relationships are slowly crumbling. You need to be your old self again – and for a good reason. There is a solution!
If you’re desperately looking for sure treatment at home, then this website is your ultimate destination. It will save you from the obvious embarrassment of having to explain your problem in person to the sex therapist in your neighborhood.
It doesn’t matter whether you lose your erection during sex, or you simply can’t get an erection at all right from the start; you can easily use the techniques on this website to recover your potency and get sufficiently hard erections that will last as long as you wish or want them to!
All the natural treatments and remedies for erectile dysfunction and low libido found on this website are natural, safe, and simple to apply. Sure, some may require a certain amount of dedication and commitment, but they all work perfectly well. It is only in very extreme or advanced cases of diabetes or high cholesterol where the arteries or nerves to the penis may have been severely damaged and you might require additional medical help or advice readily found on this website as well.
Of course, if you have been seeing your neighborhood expert sex therapist about your erectile dysfunction; you may by now know that you are never likely going to get anything more beyond the repeat Viagra prescriptions he has been giving you from time immemorial. There’s no doubt that this has sometimes been effective, but the fact is that you really don’t want to rely on Viagra forever. It is an aid to solving erectile dysfunction, alright; but, surely, not a cure in its own right. In the long term, you certainly wouldn’t want to rely on an artificial substance to have sex. And, sometimes, it doesn’t even work for you – as an hypertensive, to add insult to injury! Why, then, don’t you go for something natural that will give you equal or even greater satisfaction – and will always work for you, in any condition? Indeed, erectile dysfunction can be a big nuisance and could easily ruin a long standing relationship it has taken you so much pain and perseverance to cultivate and build. Its treatment is a science and has its roots in natural methodologies and approaches that need careful elaboration and clear understanding as to their reliability and superiority. By the end of the day, you will have to have your erectile dysfunction sorted out; and whether that would mean a new approach in treatment by doing away with artificial substances and going natural, it is important that this thing is resolved at last. This website will show you exactly how you can go natural and resolve your issue to the full satisfaction of yourself and your partner – for an even closer and more loving relationship; because, after all, that is the right thing for you and her.
I quite agree, you may have tried many things and treatments – because a man with erectile dysfunction is often desperate to get his erection back, and will lay his hands on almost anything just in case it might work! And, of course, I realize how important it is to you to get your erection back. If you asked me; I would undoubtedly tell you, without mincing my words, that I know exactly what it feels like to be impotent. So let me reassure you: these natural remedies do work; they work quickly, and they continue to work for as long as you want to have sex and give your partner a big treat.
You are probably wondering how I can be so sure about that! Well, before I can answer you; let’s just think about the causes of erectile dysfunction a bit.
Erectile dysfunction:
Simply put, erectile dysfunction or male impotence is a men’s sexual health condition characterized by a failure or inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for a satisfactory sexual performance.
An erection would usually occur as a hydraulic effect due to blood entering and being retained in sponge-like tissue around the penis. The process would normally be initiated as a result of sexual arousal or stimulation, as signals are transmitted from the brain to nerves in the penis. Erectile dysfunction is indicated when an erection is consistently difficult or impossible to produce, despite stimulation or arousal. Causes could vary and in many cases multiple, some of which are easily manageable medical conditions. Some of the most common causes include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, anxiety or depression, neurological problems such as trauma from prostatectomy surgery, hormonal problems (hypogonadism), alcoholism or drug side effects. It is important to take note here that erectile dysfunction can be a signal to an underlying risk for cardiovascular disease.
Primary psychological or relationship problems could also be a major contributing factor. Psychological impotence is a situation where erection or penetration fails because of anxiety, thoughts, feelings or depression rather than physical impairment; and this can many times be easily dealt with or helped. Interestingly enough, psychological impotence will always respond so well to placebo treatment. Erectile dysfunction, associated closely as it is with cultural beliefs of potency, invincibility, success and masculinity, can have extremely severe psychological consequences. There is usually a strong culture of silence and inability to discuss the matter openly with anyone. In reality, it is estimated that around one man in ten will experience low libido or recurring impotence at one time or other in their lives.
Apart from treating the underlying causes and their psychological consequences, the first line treatment of erectile dysfunction would normally consist of drugs that inhibit phophodiesterase (PDE5), the commonly known one of which is Sildenafil (Viagra). Other kinds of treatment could include placing prostaglandin tablets in the urethra, penile prosthesis, intracavernous injections with a fine needle into the penis that more often cause severe painful swelling, a penis pump or vascular reconstructive surgery.
The commonly used Latin expression to explain erectile dysfunction “impotentia coeundi” simply means a simple inability to insert a penis into a vagina. It has now been largely replaced by more exact terms, of course. In medicine, the study of erectile dysfunction is normally covered under “andrology”, a sub-field within urology.
Symptoms of erectile dysfunction and causes:
Symptoms of erectile dysfunction usually include regular or repeated inability to obtain or maintain an erection. There are several ways in which erectile dysfunction could be looked at:
 Getting erections which are neither rigid nor complete (lazy erections), or are lost more quickly than would normally be the case; often before or during penetration, can be a symptom of a failure of the mechanism which keeps blood in the penis during a normal erection, and may signify an underlying clinical condition, often cardiovascular or heart related.
Getting full erections sometimes; such as during sleep at night, when the mind is settled and there are no nagging psychological issues, may suggest fully functional physical structures. However, a lack of night erections is not necessarily indicative of an impending erectile dysfunction; since a large proportion of sexually functional males does not routinely get night erections (wet dreams).

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