Best Yeast Infection Treatments – How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infection Without Seeing A Doctor

By | May 6, 2017

This is just a quick question from a yeast infection sufferer. How do i get rid of a yeast infection without seeing a doctor? I mean permanently treat it so it never comes back. I only have bad odor and it itches like once a month. Besides if you have yeast infection and you do go to the doctors what do they do to you? What treatments or drugs do they prescribe?

When you read around the net you will find hundreds of such questions asked by folks who have yeast infection and are trying to treat it without needing to see a doctor. In this short article, I will give you few tips and tricks on how to cure this infection naturally.

1- Garlic is so effective in curing yeast infection. This is simply because garlic – as a natural element, efficiently kills yeast. When inserting a clove of garlic into the vagina as a means of yeast infection treatment, make sure you peel away the garlic skin. It works best if you do this treatment at night just like you do with other candida infection treatments. Insert the garlic into the vagina by lying on your back on a bed with your knees drawn to your chest and spread apart. Discard the garlic in the toilet in the morning. Be aware that inserting garlic into the vagina may cause a watery discharge.

2- Miconozole
Miconozole or Triconozole yeast infection treatments are also good. By the pharmacy counter near the condoms you will always find them. Vagisil only masks symptoms, but the miconozole treatments kill the yeast and solve the actual infection.

3- Grape Fruit
Also, if you’re like me and are simultaneously feeling foggy headed most of the times, then you might have a systemic yeast infection. Take grape fruit seed extract (NutriBiotic is a good brand) from your local health food store if that is the case — it works every time for me!

Actually they have lots of over the counter stuff too. You don’t have to get a prescription. Vagisil, etc. Or you could just put some plain yogurt in there 2-3x a day for a couple of days. Best thing to do is try to build up your immune system when you don’t have one so it won’t come back and clean you privates well. Don’t douche or put perfumes or heavy lotions in that area.

Also, you may be able to clear a yeast infection by quitting intake of all sugar and sugar products. Also, eat yogurt and drink buttermilk. This kills the bacteria too.

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