Fact: Lower Back Pain Relief Fails

By | July 13, 2017

Fact: lower back pain relief does not work. It never has and never will. Can I back this up? Actually you can, if you have used any technique to relieve back pain and your back pain returned again, then you are evidence that back pain relief doesn’t work.

Can you change this, is there something you can do to make it more effective at eliminating back pain? What can you do?

Read on and I will teach you two vital changes you must make if you want to have long lasting lower back pain relief. It is very simple.

Am I going to report some new techniques, is there some missing piece to the never ending back pain relief mystery?

First, you must know that there are only ever four steps to removing back pain. You need to find the cause, which is step one. Then you must balance your muscles, which is step two. Followed by balancing your pelvis and spine, step three. And lastly, improve your healing and recovery rates.

Hang on, didn’t I say that lower back pain relief doesn’t work, yet here I go telling you about the four steps to correct your back pain. What am I talking about?

Oh yeah, remember how I said there was two reasons, the first is simple. Aim to eliminate your lower back pain, not just relieve back pain. Relief of back pain means just that, temporary relief.

If you do not use all four steps to correct your back pain, you will only have temporary relief from back pain.

Short term relief happens because you cannot identify the cause. unless you are shown how to assess your muscles and joints, how do you know if they are back in balance. Pain relief does not tell you this, pain relief just says things are easing – and that is all.

Knowing how to stretch or exercise will give you some relief, you need to use all four steps and the essential step is knowing how to find and identify the causes of your back pain.

The other reason why lower back pain relief doesn’t work is easier. You tend to TRY not DO when you use techniques.

Is this getting a little too deep and meaningful for you? This is not a new age concept or anything like it. What I am trying to teach you is that a lot of people only try a technique. They never finish it.

You live in a quick fix society. You have remote controlled everything. However, your body still works as it always has. It learns from experience and at times, it actually takes time to heal.

You should use techniques, no matter what you decide to use, and stick with them until two things occur. Firstly your back pain has gone, secondly when the techniques say all your back pain causes have gone.

This is why you need to know how to determine the cause of your back pain. If you can personally identify the distortion patterns and muscular imbalances, then you can use the same diagnostic tests to make sure your body is back in tune.

If you only rely on pain to tell you your back is improving, then you may end up with more pain than before. Pain is only a signal that there are imbalances in your muscles and joints.

If you can identify the causes of your back pain, then these tests will help you to know when all your back pain has gone. Not just the pain, but the causes of it too.

Your aim should be removing all the causes not just to relieve back pain.

If you aim high, then lower back pain relief will not be just temporary relief. You will remove all your back pain and all the causes and be able to look forward to a life free of back pain.

Dr Graeme Teague is a back pain expert of almost 20 years experience. With his free eBook, he has helped thousands of sufferers relieve back pain quickly. Head over to his site Back Pain Relief to read more.