NOW Vitamin A (Fish Liver Oil),250 Softgels

By | March 18, 2018
NOW Vitamin A (Fish Liver Oil),250 Softgels

NOW Vitamin A (Fish Liver Oil),250 Softgels

  • Supports Healthy Immune Function
  • 250 Softgels
  • Serving Size: 1 softgel

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  1. L
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    This works for a LIFE LONG acne sufferer! Have tried retin-a, accutane, elimination diets, etc, July 4, 2016

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    I can’t even believe how much my skin has improved in one week. I have tried expensive skin care systems (OBAGI, Proactiv) and all kinds of peels and creams. My pores are significantly smaller, my skin (including back and shoulder) is producing FAR less sebum.

    I struggle with cystic acne that ALWAYS leave scars.

    I can’t believe I’m posting makeup-less photos, but hopefully they will help someone make a good, low-cost purchase that will truly address their problem. These two photos were taken in the same light. The texture and tone improvement is remarkable. This is the first week in my adult life that I have felt more comfortable without foundation than with it.

    Please try this supplement! You will not be disappointed.

    Tip- taking this supplement after consuming fat increases absorption. I have been taking a tblsp of organic coconut oil just prior to the vitamin A.

  2. Jimmy Lin
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    is that when I say I have BAD skin, I’m not whining because I get one …, July 29, 2014
    Jimmy Lin (Irvine, California, US) –

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    This review is from: NOW Vitamin A (Fish Liver Oil),250 Softgels (Health and Beauty)

    First off, I purchased Vitamin A in hopes of having a counter to my acne issue.
    Here is my acne history:

    I have what Dermatologists call Level 4 or Grade 4 Acne. What this means, my dear hopefuls, is that when I say I have BAD skin, I’m not whining because I get one or two pimples a month or a week. No, I had a FACE full of acne as a teenager, 18-21, which covered EVERY increment of skin on my face. For those of you unfortunate enough to understand what Level 4 acne is, it basically means NO antibiotic or topic medication can help your skin. Not only that, Level 4 acne is ONLY considered level 4 if you have what is called Cystic acne. Cystic acne is the type that grows UNDERNEATH the skin and develops into a nodule filled with bacteria. This type of acne cannot be treated without surgery or other invasive procedures. Guess how many I had? 4. I had two cystic acne the size of QUARTERS on both of my cheeks. So imagine me, an 18 year old bright-eyed college hopeful going to school with a face covered in acne that can only be described as the Acne God waging a self-esteem war on me. On top of that, I had cystic acne that inflicted SEVERE pain if I so much as touched it when washing my face.
    Flash forward 4 years and I’m at my wits end. Proactive started my acne issue, neutrogena did nothing, L’oreal was useless, Skin ID did squat, eating organic foods made it slightly better. So, what’s a 22 year old with a complexion of Swiss cheese to do? I went to the motherload of all Acne cures: Accutane. Yeah, I can feel you guys cringing. Accutane is the most effective but also the most destructive way to cure acne. You CANNOT be prescribed this without at least a Level 3 category acne and I had the whole clearance! Check me out! Jumping all the way to the top!

    Anyways, more to the point, Accutane did everything it promised. Within 5 months, my acne stopped. My cystic acne dissolved within my cheeks and I was able to properly wash my face without wincing anymore. However, the side effects were horrendous. Accutane should have a slogan “Beauty is worth EVERYTHING” because those 5 months were hell. Depression, dry skin, terribly sore back (If I moved while I slept, I would bolt awake from the pain).
    Flash forward 1 year. I am now 23, my acne is back…. Yeah, did I mention I had horrible acne? My acne is so bad, Accutane couldn’t fix it. (Sounds like a yo mama joke). So a couple weeks ago, I decided to give this a try. I’ve read close to 100 acne blogs on the internet, cross referenced many claims (like using oil to wash your face….really?) and everything led me to just taking Vitamin A. Funny how the major skin care companies stress EXTERNAL help instead of taking a very cheap but healthy pill (Where there is money, there will always be deception and white lies). You can buy the most expensive cream in the world but if your insides are not regulated, your skin will NEVER look good, THAT is a fact.
    Here is my reasoning (If you’ve read this far…man do you have bad acne):
    Accutane is a derivative of Vitamin A much like Retin-A (another effective combatant of acne, do you see a trend? Vitamin A is acne’s worse enemy!). Its medical name is Isotretinoin. When you are prescribed Accutane, the doctor takes into consideration your health, psychology, and weight. If ANY of these three are not up to standard, it is illegal for them to prescribe it. Why? My dermatologist put it best “Isotretinoin is a controlled OVERDOSE of Vitamin A”. In order to control your acne, and cure it (not in my case), you have to overdose on Vitamin A to jolt your skin into producing less Sebum. Vitamin A is crucial in monitoring your oil production therefore, overdosing on it means your forcing the oil production to ALMOST cease. Of course, if you guys are thinking “Thanks guy on Amazon! I’m going to take 5 capsules a day for 5 months and cure my acne” you are DEAD wrong. Overdosing on Vitamin A without professional guidance causes liver failure, brain tumors, and death. When you are on Accutane, you have to sign a health waiver. Accutane is so dangerous, the patient must have a notarized document stating that they understand the risks. In the 5-6 months that you are required to take Accutane, you MUST come in for a monthly blood test and general health screening. I can’t stress this enough. I’ve read Acne Blogs where young adults post about what they are going to do with this product. “I’m going to start taking 3 a day because I think 75,000 IU will be near the level of what Accutane is”. Sure, you can do that but there are more peaceful ways to commit suicide. Did I mention that Accutane is prescribed according to your weight, age, and mental health history? You can’t just self-medicate!

    So far, it’s been a week taking 1 capsule a day (Which is still 5 times more than the normal daily requirement of Vitamin A) and my skin has started to heal. I’ve gotten 1 new acne in a week…before taking…

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