Does Acne Antibiotic Treatment Really Work?

By | May 4, 2018

Acne treatment via antibiotics is very successful if it’s done the right way. The reason antibiotic treatment works is because it restricts the growth of bacteria which is found around the region where follicles grow. The antibiotic brings about a reduction in the amount of chemicals which produce things like white blood corpuscles. Antibiotics also control the secretion of the sebaceous glands which causes redness of your skin and the undesirable inflammation we all know as acne.

Antibiotics can be purchased in both oral and tropical forms. You should take the ones recommend by your doctor and as directed by your doctor. Doctors mostly recommend oral antibiotics when you are in no condition to apply anything to your skin. In many cases the reasons might be that your skin has become too sensitive.

The most common oral antibiotic is Tetracyline. This oral mediation takes care of things such as inflammation of the skin not necessarily caused by acne as well as prevents bacterium from forming within the pore of your skin which later causes acne. Doctors know how antibiotics work on your skin so they prescribe antibiotics based on your condition and the condition of your skin.

Tetracyline has a few minor side effects which in many cases can be overlooked. The biggest side effect of tetracycline is that your skin becomes sensitive to the sun it also reduces the effectiveness of various contraceptive pills in women. The most popular antibiotic is Accutane which is great for curing cystic acne. However the drawback of this medication is that it makes your skin scaly and dry.

Antibiotics which are directly applied to the skin are called topical medicines and include Erythomycine, Clindamycin and sulfa drugs. The biggest benefits of these types of medicine is that they have far less side effects than their oral counterparts. However the draw back of these topical medicines is that they increase your skin’s tolerance level and resistance to bacteria hence in time the medicine is rendered ineffective as its not able to check the spread of bacterium causing acne.

Before you go ahead and start using antibiotics its necessary that you discuss your condition with a professional. A doctor will be able to provide you with advise and point you in the right direction when it comes to understanding and curing your condition. A doctor will take everything into consideration before he or she prescribes antibiotics.

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