6 Products Dermatologists Recommend for Body Acne – Self

By | December 14, 2018

As someone with acne, I’m used to dealing with the more-than-occasional flare-up on my face. When it comes to zits and oil on my shoulders or back, I’m at a total loss. Should I treat body acne the same way that I treat acne on my face? Or would other products work better on different parts of my body?

To put my body acne in its place once and for all, I consulted a few dermatologists for the 411 on products they recommend to their patients with bacne. According to experts, the back is very hard to treat and needs stronger washes than the face. Two of the key ingredients to look for when targeting bacne are benzoyl peroxide, which reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin, and retinoids, which stop dead skin cells from clogging up pores. Read on for some derm-approved picks that will have you sporting off-the-shoulder looks in no time.

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