Reasons Why It’s Harder for Women to Lose Weight than Men

By | May 15, 2019

Losing weight is a dream that most women yearn for in their lifetime. Some try to even go to the gym to burn their fats but still they gain weight rather than losing. But, why is it hard for women to lose weight? Women’s lower muscle burns fewer calories compared to their counterparts when they are resting. More so, women are always in the company of three to four ladies, and in such case, each of them has a different attitude on different meals. You might be trying to lose weight, but you will end up eating what your friends have to offer without knowing that is why it is hard for women to lose weight. Although those are not the main reasons why it is difficult for them to lose, some factors make it more difficult.

In the article below, our focus is on the reasons why it is hard for women to lose weight. It includes;  

Less lean body mass  

Women have less lean body mass which implies that women do not have many muscles like men. Since muscles are responsible for burning calories, men tend to have a higher metabolic rate compared to women even while they are resting. Physiologically, women tend to hang on to excess weight rather than losing. A woman’s body composition exceeds that of the men implying that a woman’s body uses fewer calories to manage the body functions like breathing, blood circulation, and thinking. At that stage, most women begin looking for other medicinal alternatives like phentermine an appetite suppressant to help them lose weight. Although the suppressant might be of help, phentermine side effects are more severe to the body muscles and normal functioning of the body.  

Hormonal fluctuations  

Psychologically, women want to lose weight immediately which endangers hormones in the body. They chose to reduce their food intake or reduce calorie intake to lose weight, but calories are essential for balancing hormones. For instance, pre-menopausal women have a monthly fluctuation in progesterone and estrogen levels that lead to the circles of water loss and retention. It makes it difficult for women to lose weight although they have It Undergo regular exercises and eat a balanced meal.  

Genetic makeup  

Some people have inherited body sizes and shapes from either their parents or grandparents which is a family gene. A woman tends to crave more for sugary and high fats foods even when they say they do not feel like eating. Genetically, their bodies try to remain at the same theoretical range that existed since their grandparents to their parents and such instance work out against women’s losing weight effect. The genetic makeup also has a more significant influence on women’s weight which works out against their expectations.  

Different food preference  

During workouts, women feed on a different diet compared to men, but that is not the issue. The problem is that even if they both get to a restaurant, they will eat on the same amount of food as restaurants and bars serve everybody equally. So as much as both of your feed on the same amount of food, the metabolic rate of women is lower compared to men. It implies that men have to feed on the type of meal they feel suitable for their workouts. The difference in food preference is also a problem for most women thus affecting their weight loss.

From the above article, there are lots of factors that make a woman gain weight rather than losing. But it is still possible if you strictly follow the guidelines on how to lose weight and ensuring that your social life does not affect your workout plans.

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