Can vitamin d3 cause joint pain

By | May 9, 2020

can vitamin d3 cause joint pain

Running Cycling Workouts Get active blogs. Babies up to 1 year of age need only IU, and adults older than 70 should have IU. However, results for the correlation between low blood concentrations of vitamin D and knee OA are conflicting. As the A. Hypercalcemia is an excess of calcium in the blood. Distribution analysis of vitamin D highlights differences in population subgroups: preliminary observations from a pilot study in UK adults. Get active Ready to get active? There could be many factors which could affect the perception of pain so we could not be sure that the pain scores were directly due to knee pain.

Vitamin D is a common vitamin associated with our bones, but how is it connected to our joint pain? Nut EarleLogan2 Ask Earle. Vitamin D maintains blood calcium levels and it regulates calcium and phosphorus, which keep bones and teeth hard and strong. Vitamin D also plays a role in muscle pain, however this relationship is less prevalent than the connection between vitamin D and joint pain. Unlike most other vitamins, our body is able to make its own vitamin D when the skin is exposed to sunlight. It converts vitamin D into an activated form that can be used throughout the body. Although most commonly known for its role in bone health, vitamin D is also thought to play a part in many other important functions in the body including; brain development, muscle function and immune function. Inadequate levels of phosphate, calcium and vitamin D, as well as poor absorption of calcium, can lead to a condition known as osteomalacia, or softening of the bones.

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Source: Vitamin D. Although mainly about bone health, I cite this paper primarily for information on the safety of vitamin D supplementation. Weight loss surgeries. The benefits of drinking water for joint pain Could your gut be to blame for joint pain? Perhaps the best-known benefit of vitamin D is that it strengthens bones and teeth. Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency What is vitamin D deficiency? Your body regulates the amount of vitamin D it gets from sunlight and food. Physical examination revealed an antalgic gait with right sided hip pain, proximal myopathy, and tenderness over her right lower ribs. She was also given an intravenous infusion of the aminobisphosphonate pamidronate 90 mg, after which she acutely developed distal paraesthesiae and muscle spasms.

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