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By | 29.03.2018

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  1. Tygorr

    I've been taking Ativan for over a year and a half. It's a wonderful quick cure for anxiety. I recently have been going through some rough times and my anxiety has been through the roof. But thanks to my wonderful doctoring staff, I have been handling it very well.

  2. Brarg

    This response is for the person whose Doctor won't prescribe Ativan because it's an old drug. I went to a psychiatrist and that's the med he prescribed for me to help me sleep through the night. It had been 3 months since I'd slept more the 6 hours and usually it was 4 hours each night. Ambien got me to sleep but wouldn't keep me asleep. My PCP prescribed trazadone and that was horrific. She then prescribed doxepin and that sedated me but never put me to sleep. After 3 months of this my PCP said for me to go to a psychiatrist to hear my symptoms and prescribe the right med. he got it spot on. By the second night I was sleeping like a baby and able to naps during the if I felt sleepy. I have gotten myself back. I also take Zoloft

  3. Zulujind

    I love this drug. I have major anxiety that has interfered with my life and just a few days ago tried to commit suicide due to being on the wrong anti-depressant. Well, coming off of that brought on the shakes and more anxiety, so the Dr. put me on this and it is working well. Finally, a day or 2 where I can actually be calm instead of a nervous wreck. I don't know if I can be on it for very long, but it's nice to have it in my medicine cabinet for when you really need it cuz Prozac alone won't cure all anxiety.

  4. Gardazshura

    Female, 21. Developed a panic disorder and hypochondria at 16. I did CBT therapy for a long time which helped immensely. I would go to the ER and Dr constantly. I would have a hard time falling asleep because I would panic I would die. I have been on this for 6 years, 0.5mg-1mg as needed. I only took it when in the throws of panic during a time when I did not know how to cope. It has done absolute wonders for me. I take 0.5mg only a few times a year now just when my GAD gets to be too much or anxiety disrupts my sleep for more than a few days. It's wonderful in small doses, as needed, and combined with CBT. I have had no side effects or withdrawal except if you take it when you aren't panicking and on occasion it can make you quite sleepy.

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