Ativan prescription cost

By | 01.06.2018

ativan prescription cost

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2 thoughts on “Ativan prescription cost

  1. Faukinos

    I started taking Ativan about 3 months ago for extreme anxiety. I couldn't sleep, eat, or get anything done. I was seeing a CBT therapist but even my therapy wasn't helping. My doctor prescribed Ativan and my dad, who is a psychologist, agreed. It's for the worst moments when I feel like I'm either going to go to the hospital or just completely go crazy. For that purpose it works very well. I feel relaxed in about a half hour and can function again. I don't take it every day or every week but I can't imagine being addicted to something if it makes you feel normal. I don't feel high or anything. I'm so glad I was prescribed this and decided to take it.

  2. Bajora

    Ativan has made a tremendous difference in my life as my anxiety was out of control and panic attacks were frequent. I don't find that it makes me tired and I like how the effects are quickly felt. I used to take 1 mg but now only take 0.5mg once a day; twice if I need it. I can skip days the odd time if I am at home and things are peaceful. I was put on Valium and couldn't handle that at all - Ativan was a lifesaver for me!

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