Ativan with no perscriptions

By | 25.05.2018

ativan with no perscriptions

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Ativan with no perscriptions 17
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4 thoughts on “Ativan with no perscriptions

  1. JoJokasa

    Very enjoyable high with no crash periods unless person went way overboard on intake.

  2. Bakree

    My mother inlaw took one pill and died in her sleep 4 hours after getting the pill from the Kaiser E.R. Is this a side effect. She was perficly healthy. Cause of death was corrinary failure. The E.R.ran tests on her heart EKG, BLOOD, ALL THE USUAL TESTS FOR HEART AND STUFF

  3. Sarr

    Hands down, the best immediate solution for anxiety or panic attacks. I prefer Ativan to other benzos and it usually lifts my depression too, even suicidal thoughts ( well for the few hours that it works). Just be very careful not to become addicted but this is extremely helpful as an occasional tool in stressful situations. DO not take every day for many days unless instructed so, but even then do your research.

  4. Tojale

    This drug is pure brain damage. It feels great at first but if you take this drug everyday for just one month you will lose your short term memory and when you get off the drug your anxiety will be permanently worse and your muscles will be much more tense and rigid then you ever thought possible and your memory will never be as good. DON'T TAKE THIS DRUG MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK! OTHERWISE IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!

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