Buy ativan cod accepted casting

By | 08.05.2018

buy ativan cod accepted casting

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5 thoughts on “Buy ativan cod accepted casting

  1. Maushicage

    I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy and Diabetes 5 years ago. I lead a very stress full life which produces too much anxiety for my heart condition and one of my cardiac medications causes insomnia so Ativan has been a life saver for me.

  2. Zuluzilkree

    Taken it a few times/packets.. Found it did not much but was on other meds like concerta and suboxone... Taken now, at 2.5mg four times a day it's not xananx but it does the job if you are agitated or panicked

  3. Mezikazahn

    without taking this drug i could not make it threw the day i would have panic attacks

  4. Vijar

    At first It was great, I was happy and then after 6 mo's I was hooked started taking 10 or more per day 1mgs. I told my DR. that i was addicted so he put me on a lower dose. I finaly stopped on my own, after i was steeling my wife's atvin ! It's a BAD DRUG and should be taken off the Market I lost everything wife,kids.grandkids! and I grew up in the 70's I do know a little about drugs.

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