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By | 19.04.2018

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  1. Felabar

    I feel that it is great for crisis! But I started needing more and more. Hit the max amount. Anxiety became much worse. Ended up in the hospital when getting off. Had a binzo one time since. Because of shock when losing baby. Now on zolot at night for anxiety. And adderall xr 40mg in morning for anxiety. (it really heps calm me down and keep me focused. Anxiety comes right back if I don't take it.) I am so happy now!!

  2. Taulabar

    My Dr.put me on Ativan 12 years ago for anxiety.I was taking 2mg.4xs a day.I was never told you can become addicted to this drug.I have a new psychiatrist who filled me in about Ativan.I signed myself into the County hospital to be taken off of it.I am fully recovered now,2 weeks later.I have not felt this good in years.I am now wide eyed and present in my life.I missed out on years being unknowingly drugged up.Please keep yourself informed of the effects of this drug.It was the cause of my panic attacks the last year I was on it!

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