Buy cheap ativan pennsylvania altoona

By | 08.04.2018

buy cheap ativan pennsylvania altoona

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4 thoughts on “Buy cheap ativan pennsylvania altoona

  1. Zujora

    I have used Ativan for several years now. Before that I used Librium for panic disorder but eventually stopped using it with the instant result of insomnia. After a few years of insomnia I tried many medications to help and finally came across Ativan which instantly helped. I have used Ativan ever since and occasionally use during the day when feeling extreme anxious. I feel I will have to use this for the rest of my life. I am now 69 years old. Started using Librium at 21.

  2. Voodoobar

    I have been on Ativan for over 5 yrs for anxiety. Recently my platelets have dropped in half to 80.

  3. Shaktilar

    I have used this medicine for inner ear problems, dizziness, that causes anxiety for 15 years 1.5 mg per day along with 100mg of Zoloft with very little side efects. It has helped me live with stress and anxiety that I had with my ear problem. Yes the Doctors don't know why this helps with inner ear problem, but that is O.K. it works. I know that Doctors are concerned about abuse and that sure can happen to a addictive person. I have never used more than what has been prescribed to me. This may some day come back to hurt me, but I am 72 now and it has significantly improved my quality of life.

  4. Vudotilar

    I take it one hour before going to sleep. It helps me to get to bed on Sunday night and prepare for work.

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