Order ativan no prescription alabama huntsville

By | 09.04.2018

order ativan no prescription alabama huntsville

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3 thoughts on “Order ativan no prescription alabama huntsville

  1. Milmaran

    I take 0.5 and my doctor told me to cut the pill in half because I have a new born baby and take a whole one at night to help me sleep. The halves have been working great it relaxes me to the point if I want to go to sleep I can. I have generalized anxiety disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. I'm always worrying about me dying or my health or thinking something is wrong with me or death is coming. My mind would race bad. I also take Prozac thats a good pill. I also feel lightheaded feeling of passing out but when I take Ativan it stops me from thinking about the things that make me anxious.

  2. Goltirg

    Ativan always helps calm me down 0.5 mg dose, but when it wears off it makes me a little extra nervous but all in all a very effective medicine. Side effect is drowsiness and laziness haha. But I function so much better when my mind doesn't have the anxiety.

  3. Juan

    I took my first 1mg dose recently and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. I was prescribed Ativan to take only as needed on the cusp of an anxiety attack, as I've been having a few lately. It absolutely took the sting out of the anxiety and left me feeling really chilled out, to the point of that really comfortable tiredness when you're super relaxed. I haven't felt that in a long time. I didn't have any gross side effects (except for the tiredness) and was able to enjoy the rest of my day :)

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