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By | 22.12.2017

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4 thoughts on “Order ativan no prescription alaska juneau

  1. Malagami

    This drug was prescribed by an excellent and VERY responsible periodontist in CA. I was given 1 pill 1-2 hours prior to a serious and complicated oral surgery procedure to assist in the reduction/elimination of high anxiety. It was wonderful as not only did it do what is was supposed to do, but it wasn't over prescribed or misused and therefore will be quite useful if ever needed again.

  2. Kazibei

    I've been on/off benzodiazapines for about 20 years. I am now back on ativan 1mg 3 times a day for anxiety/panic attacks and insomnia. I know I need an increase in dose soon, as it no longer relaxes me as much as it used to. I find ativan to be the best benzo. I've tried xanax, (which made me sleepwalk), valium, (which doesn't affect me really). I think I will stick to ativan and after 20 minutes, I feel a lot better. relaxed.

  3. JoJosar

    It all started with the death of my fiancee and the father of my kids back in 1999. I started with mild anxiety, poster traumatic stress disorder and panic. It got a little better and I was off medicines from 2000 to 2006. Then in October 2006 I woke up and I thought I was going to die and was in the ER A LOT, for like 3 weeks finally went to psych doctor and they started giving me Ativan. I am very medicine-phobic and have only taken Ativan for the last 5 yrs, 3 mgs a day. Some days it feels the Ativan doesn't work at all and other days I get good relief fast. I have been prescribed numerous SSRIs and am always scared to take them because of all the side effects Ativan gives me no side effects. Recently I was told my blood pressure may be high as a result of the severe anxiety/panic. I'm scared.

  4. Arara

    One of the first medications given to me to help with my social anxiety and panic attacks. Never failed me, and actually help me get past my anxiety during job interviews and applications, which normally had me throwing up and shaking before hand. I never took it often enough to get much tolerance, although with in a year, I admit, about 2 times when i had extra I took it recreationally.

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