Order ativan online from mexico cod pharmacy ativan 1mg

By | 29.01.2018

order ativan online from mexico cod pharmacy ativan 1mg

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2 thoughts on “Order ativan online from mexico cod pharmacy ativan 1mg

  1. Mora

    I have been taking this medication as prescribed/ as needed for over 14 years with no side effects. I have tried every other med for anti anxiety effect (anti-depressant or SSRI or SNRI or Prozac) and NOTHING has had ANY effect in relieving the anxiety. Those meds have actually increased the anxiety and added depression. I have nothing but good things to say for Ativan/Lorazapam if used as directed for decreasing anxiety.

  2. Dazshura

    I was an alcoholic for 15 years. I quit with the help of ativan.I have learned from myself I had anxiety problems, that is why I drank, to cope. I have been taking this drug, 0.5 in the morning if needed and 0.5 in the evening if I have problems sleeping.I still have panic attacks ans periods of anxiety. Dr.'s tried to put me on prozac, didnt work, I quit that real fast, They tried effexor, that was a scare, that did not work. And now zoloft. I did not feel the need to sleep at night., sort of a zombie effect. this ativan has helped me function perfect with no symptoms of anxious feelings. I just wish they can come up with a daily dosage like a timed released pill, so I can take it once a day.

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