Cheap ativan by fedex cod delivery

By | 31.01.2018

cheap ativan by fedex cod delivery

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  1. Joshua

    I have been suffering Panic attacks for last 11 years . During my panic attacks my blood preassure and heart rate goes up too. I did not find any help from SSRI's that much and still had panic attacks. Xanax and Ativana re the best for emergency. But both of them are highly addicted. I found Ativan to be less addictive than Xanax. Now, I take Ativan twice a week, 0.5 mg and I am simply fine. If I do not take it than I get panic attacks. If I get a real bad panic attack, than I take xanax because it wokrs faster. Those are great but should not be used everyday. If you can control your self, I think that those are the best. I tried Klonopin once and I was so tired and depressed the enxt few days. never again,

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