Buy cheap ativan ohio hamilton

By | 05.11.2017

buy cheap ativan ohio hamilton

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Buy cheap ativan ohio hamilton - the United

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5 thoughts on “Buy cheap ativan ohio hamilton

  1. Alex

    this medication Ativant has helped me alot with anxiety and panic attacts.i am also on Serequil and i have to take ativant to ease the side effects,i become very restless or irritated and the dr.gave me ativant to try to ofset it. it worked. I do not use it if i do not feel the need for it example anxiety or panic attact.

  2. Zulukinos

    I was given Ativan before having an MRI done. I have extreme claustrophobia and was unable to get the MRI done even the open MRI type machine. I took 2mg. one hour before the test. Right up until the test I was terrified. However, within five minutes, being in the MRI machine, I was out! I mean out, in a different world. It was scarey. I had an IV placed and didn't feel a thing. The whole test (an hour or longer) went perfectly. Here is the really scarey part. I came home and went about my usual business. At supper, read the paper, even drove in town. The next day I had absolutely no memory of the previous day. The Ativan caused severe amnesia.

  3. Tek

    I have severe muscle/nuro pain, have been on this drug since 1998 and this is the only one of three drugs my system will tolerate. I have experienced no withdrawal if my dosage is decressed, or I don't need the drug at night as this is my dosage time.

  4. Digal

    Took it for 3 months 2.5 mg and did not help the anxiety, it made it worse. I am tapering down.

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