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By | 12.11.2017

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3 thoughts on “Buy prescription ativan online buy

  1. Daicage

    I suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. I previously took Xanax, but it was too short acting for me. I needed a benzodiazepine that was longer acting, since my anxiety goes on for a long time. I like that Ativan lasts 6-8 hours, in which I need for times of long time anxiousness. However I have realized that smoking cigarettes lessens the effectiveness of benzodiazepines, so I will have to work around that. Anyway, Ativan is great for people like me who have anxiety and panic attacks.

  2. Bara

    Hi All Im a young man 24 years old, I have several issues with my brain since many years ago.... I have a Major Depression, GAD, SAD, OCD, and Panic Disorder. I've been tried many option, i tried Hypnotherapy, Emotional Therapy, CBT , also I been to some psychiatrist in Indonesia and Singapore. Finally I met the best psychiatrist in my country, and with him I found best med and finally cure my problem. You all have to try this too and talk to your psychiatrist to ask for prescription. Every Morning I take 1mg Ativan and Every Night I take 5mg Zyprexa and 150mg Zoloft Please try this, please.. Enjoy your life.. Also CBT is good as well.

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