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By | 21.10.2017

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4 thoughts on “Order ativan no prescription pennsylvania

  1. Daikazahn

    I was having panic attacks and this helped to keep me calm without being so loopy lie I was on xanax. I also had insomnia and it really helped.

  2. Kigazilkree

    Dentist prescribed 3 for my last visit. He said to take two (1mg tablets) an hour before coming in. Did so, and I have to say they worked well. Wasn't bothered by the dentist at all this time!

  3. Rada

    This drug has saved my life, I take 1 mg twice daily, I have severe anxiety and panic disorder that leads me to never leaving the house bc I'm scared of everything. This drug dug me out of a deep anxiety phase that was leading to very serious depression I was scared to tell my doctor that I was gonna kill myself if they didn't find something that worked I tried about 14 other meds with little to no success. Before my doctor said I'm gonna try you on ativan and see how it helps with my drug history this was a last choice kind of thing. He warned me about the potential for abuse and addiction, I'm aware of it and I never abuse the drug. I've been using ativan for 2-3 months now and I'm finally back into the work force finally able to drive again

  4. JoJoll

    Works well for my panic attacks however I have and do experience memory loss when on Ativan. But still is better to be clam than having a panic attack!

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