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By | 30.11.2017

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3 thoughts on “Order ativan no prescription kentucky louisville

  1. Ninos

    Was first given Ativan in the ER to calm a Panic Attack. Was given 2mg of IV Ativan. I went from being so nervous and shaking to not caring if I was wearing a lampshade on my head in the span of 20 minutes!! Afterward, was given .5mg up to 3x daily. This drug has calmed my panic attacks but, it comes at a price... It now takes more to get the same calming effect than in the beginning AND it does tend to make me forgetful. Therefore, I only take it when it's absolutely necessary to ward off a panic attack.

  2. Moramar

    I was prescribed this drug, to help control my panic attacks, and help to 'calm' my mood. Overall, I feel this drug did what it was prescribed for.

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