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  1. Fenrirg

    Hands down, the best immediate solution for anxiety or panic attacks. I prefer Ativan to other benzos and it usually lifts my depression too, even suicidal thoughts ( well for the few hours that it works). Just be very careful not to become addicted but this is extremely helpful as an occasional tool in stressful situations. DO not take every day for many days unless instructed so, but even then do your research.

  2. Dobromir

    Thank God for Ativan. Even though when the stressful situation came up, instead of having a panic attack I was able to stop it with the calm. I do wish it could erase those trigger moments but I'm so glad I can stop them and manage them better with Ativan. I also really like that I can take it on a work day with no side effects or that fuzzy high feeling. It has not affected my sleep or anything else. It's a lifesaver for me. I'm back!

  3. Fenrizilkree

    i am going thew menopause i belch alot and my body in feeling like its over heating

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