Online pharmacy fedex cod ativan and alcohol

By | 08.09.2017

online pharmacy fedex cod ativan and alcohol

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3 thoughts on “Online pharmacy fedex cod ativan and alcohol

  1. Gardale

    I have used many different meds for anxiety. At this point in my life I would have hoped it would be gone but I struggle with it daily and lorazepam gives me some comfort. I don't abuse it, I try .5mg during the day, once or twice and them 1 mg at bedtime. I still have alot of anxiety because I am a compulsive worrier but hopfully with my therapy and this med I will get it under control.

  2. Doushakar

    If Xanax is not available, then Ativan is my second choice. I have Chronic anxiety and Panic attacks associated with PTSD.

  3. Jujin

    I have been switched back n forth from xanax to valium for several years, yet everytime i go into the hospital they use ativan. My Dr. finally agreed to let me try it for a month for severe panic attacks n whoa what a diff. I actually feel happy on this medicine n have the energy i need to perform my daily chores. Much better choice for anxiety.

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