Overnight cheap ativan ativan

By | 12.07.2017

overnight cheap ativan ativan

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5 thoughts on “Overnight cheap ativan ativan

  1. Dukree

    I was given this drug when I was in the hospital for GI bleed. Never prescribed this medication before. Was not prescribed this when I returned home after 4 days. I had a restless sleep and 2 nights of nightmares. I assume I was prescribed for anxiety but no one discussed prescribing this for me.

  2. Jake

    This is the only drug that genuinely helps my severe anxiety and depression. My mom is in hospice care, but lives next door to me and I have been in pins and needles for over a year because of my obsessive need to make sure she's 'ok' despite her declining condition. I lost sleep, lost about 30 pounds and could not function at my job because of the overwhelming anxiety I felt. Taking even a small amount (.5mg) helps tremendously. Here's the only warning though - it is HIGHLY addictive and is very tough to 'come off' ativan unless you wean yourself off and DO NOT take any dose larger than 1mg. It WILL work. If you stop 'cold turkey' you will either feel like your brain has been erased or every neuron in your brain is misfiring until it's out of your system. It's a terrifying feeling, trust me. Take it VERY carefully and NEVER exceed the recommended dose and make sure your physician has a plan of action to gently wean you off of them when necessary.

  3. Dominic

    I have been prescribed ativan in the past. It was very helpful for my anxity attcks. I've had anxiety attacks all my adult life. I am 43 yrs old.

  4. Nicage

    Highly effective for stopping the onset of a Grand Mal if taken immediately when you have that 'sense' or 'intuition' that something is a little 'off' so-to-speak. Those with Epilepsy will know exactly what I am referring to. The only noticeable side effect was a slight sluggishness upon awaking from the first sleep after taking it, but other than that I would say it accomplishes what it is supposed to do.

  5. Zukasa

    my son has a form of autism Aspergers Syndrome He has numerous explosive impulse control issues and his MD prescribed the med for his anxiety as well as to aid in his agitation. This med for him does nothing to alleviate any of his issues Im at wits end. He lives at home and will soon turn 34 yrs old

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