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  1. Yozshutilar

    Works great! Been suffering with anxiety for a while now was very hesitant on taking any kind of medication was given this medication in the hospital and within 20 minutes I felt relaxed and calm wish I wasn't so hesitant and took it sooner. Great for when anxiety attack comes on

  2. Mausho

    I was given Ativan before having an MRI done. I have extreme claustrophobia and was unable to get the MRI done even the open MRI type machine. I took 2mg. one hour before the test. Right up until the test I was terrified. However, within five minutes, being in the MRI machine, I was out! I mean out, in a different world. It was scarey. I had an IV placed and didn't feel a thing. The whole test (an hour or longer) went perfectly. Here is the really scarey part. I came home and went about my usual business. At supper, read the paper, even drove in town. The next day I had absolutely no memory of the previous day. The Ativan caused severe amnesia.

  3. Dushura

    1 mg. taken 1x before bedtime, as needed for sleep for the period of still take it as needed

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