Ativan coupon offer

By | 23.04.2018

ativan coupon offer

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Ativan coupon offer - doesnt

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  1. Kagara

    I was first diagnosed with Panic/Anxiety Disorder 5 years ago, and my doctor prescribed me to start taking 1mg of Ativan 3x a day. After a while the drug's effect lessens slightly, but it has changed my life completely and no longer have panic attacks or trouble sleeping. I now take 2mg 3x a day and have been happy with this dose for over a year.

  2. Kazrar

    Long story short, I am terrified of medication , the first time I took Ativan I had already got myself all worked up about having to take it that when I did I went into full blown panic attack. It was not because of this med , it was my own doing. The second and third time I took it, it worked well . Allowed me to get through the entire day like myself again. Even took the depression away that I have caused from anxiety . I have only taken it 3 times in the last month since was prescribed it . Since I've read how addicting this can be I have been very careful about taking it only when I really need it.

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