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By | 18.07.2017

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4 thoughts on “Buy ativan no script overnight oats

  1. Yvonne

    This medicine has given me my life back. I went to the ER three times last week alone, and was finding myself in the ER twice a week on a regular basis. Finally the doctor there prescribed me this medicine. It works wonders, and puts my anxiety to a minimum. It helps with the chest and throat tightness. I feel great. The only downside is after about 4 hours my symptoms come back. So I take another and am once again feeling better! I'd recommend it to anyone suffering severe anxiety.

  2. Manris

    Medication works well.Started taking 1 a day. 2 pills were ok'd as needed. Some days I do need the extra pill in the afternoon. I've had no side efffects. I can handle the anxiety and irritation alot better.

  3. Shakahn

    This is by far the best anxiety medication on the market for immediate help it takes about 10 min. To feel the effects and it is wonderful it's immediate relaxation. I had anxiety about 5 years ago and Ativan cured it. Unfortunately I have been under a lot of financial stress lately and it started bothering me again so my doc put me back on them and it has already killed the anxiety again. Definitely a miracle drug be careful they are for short term only.

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