Order ativan no prescripton oklahoma norman

By | 16.11.2017

order ativan no prescripton oklahoma norman

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5 thoughts on “Order ativan no prescripton oklahoma norman

  1. Brakazahn

    THis is a very effective drug for anxiety. Withdrawl symptoms can be evident and unpleasent if I've used my prescription too quickly in a given month. I take 60 .5mg tablets every thirty days. This medicine has wonderful potential to help anxious people feel comfortable; however, it must be used with descretion. I have discussed increasing my dose or number of tablets with my doctor, but am concerned with withdrawl symptoms. Three tablets a day may be better than two, but eventially I'm afraid I would require four and on. Each patient and physician should determine the dose and frequency based on the individual's condtion, body and response to therapy.

  2. Mikazshura

    This chills me ever so slightly. I was suffering from anxiety, feeling dizzy, and in a panic that I was really sick. It ruined my summer. I took a half of an ativan and it made me feel like myself again. It doesn't make you high, crazy like or out of it. It just makes you feel nice.

  3. Samugore

    For immediate relief this drug is great. I take 0.5mg when I absolutely need it (2-3x every couple months.) but only reason I wouldn't give it a 9 or 10 because I did have a bad experience with this drug. I took it for 7 days straight 3x .5mg per day as prescribed by my doctor for generalized anxiety disorder. I abruptly stopped taking it because I didn't want to have to take it everyday and I ended up going thru a withdraw. I then got vertigo for a couple months, which was absolutely terrible. BUT I think it you use this drug responsibly and do NOT take it multiple days in a row it can definitely come in handy. I also have high blood pressure caused by anxiety, and usually get effective relief after about 30 minutes. Hang in there!

  4. Doulkree

    I took this medication many years ago for anxiety. It worked very well.. actually a little TOO well. To be honest it was such as strong medication, even at it's lowest dose, that I have hardly any memory as to what happened while I was taking it. I was so drowsy while on it, I could practically be a zombie! Works well, but a tad too strong for me. So I got off of the medication to switch to another one that was less strong.

  5. Arashilar

    I have a panic disorder and have tried many long-term anti-depressants and none have helped. Lorazepam has helped me get my life back and made me feel like me again. I really don't know what I would have done in many situations without it. I feel a little tired once it kicks in but not too tired to drive/work/function. I take .5mg in the morning and it stays with me throughout my work day. Once it "wears off" I have felt calm enough all day so I don't have anxiety during the evening hours. I've heard it can be addicting but I, luckily, have been taking it for a few months and don't feel any addictive qualities.

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