Price of ativan in the uk which was the highest

By | 18.06.2018

price of ativan in the uk which was the highest

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  1. JoJojinn

    I am dyslexic ADHD plus anxiety & panic attack prone My doc & I decided to try the usual Meds for ADHD symptoms. I tryed the two types & different doses,,I realized that they are not for me cause they add to my anxiety ~~ Lorazapam is the only med that has helped me when a panic attack comes on. Also I have only taken it for anxiety & panic attacks.. I am not takeing it now but at my next Dr s apt I will ask my Dr if he'd RX it for me. It is just now that I feel it could help me as I have been living with sever anxiety for years.. It is just as debilitating as my ADHD is humiliating in the sense that mt experience is most think ADHD is not real or an excuse. Plus I'm an older person and somehow we do not have the priveledge to be accepted with this mental illness as I guess kids are the only ones who are. Anyway I would recommend this fir anyone that could tolerate it if they will take it as RX.. I only take the lowest dose & sometimes just a half of the 0.5 msg. Never thought to take for sleep.. And But I have only taken it once a day when I need not take everyday.. I also take an an anti Dr present. I may need to take a lower dose antidepresent if take this.

  2. JoJole

    I have a panic disorder and have tried many long-term anti-depressants and none have helped. Lorazepam has helped me get my life back and made me feel like me again. I really don't know what I would have done in many situations without it. I feel a little tired once it kicks in but not too tired to drive/work/function. I take .5mg in the morning and it stays with me throughout my work day. Once it "wears off" I have felt calm enough all day so I don't have anxiety during the evening hours. I've heard it can be addicting but I, luckily, have been taking it for a few months and don't feel any addictive qualities.

  3. Dataur

    after periods of feeling jumpy and twitchy, i sept 7 hours straight with no bad dreams or anything uncomfortable. absolutely amazing.

  4. Richard

    I was diagnosed with high anxiety. I would wake up in the morning ready to conquer the world ten times over. I would so fast that my family would tell me to calm down. Sometimes I couldn't keep up with myself. I was prescribed 0.5 mg Ativan 2x per day As Needed. This medication is not meant to be taken every single day. Even at the speed I was going, I did not need this medicine every day. If you find you need to take this medication every day, then you should ask for another medication. I was told by my doctor that Wellbutrin helps with anxiety but also with appetite control. The only issue was I would have had to wait 4-6 weeks for it to kick in. We should always police ourselves and watch what we are putting in our mouths and how often, especially medication. Several doctors did not feel comfortable prescribing this drug and I didn't understand why when it was on the formulary at my doctor's office. This is truly the only medication that I found that doesn't cause libido issues and that I can take when needed, not every single day. Most medications made me feel out of my element and thus not myself. The Ativan takes the edge off but helps slow me down so I am not going 100 mph. If you feel like you are starting to become addicted or are addicted, seek help. Don't put yourself in that situation. Be true to yourself. Always!

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