Purchase discount ativan no rxmedslist

By | 06.09.2017

purchase discount ativan no rxmedslist

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4 thoughts on “Purchase discount ativan no rxmedslist

  1. Kigarg

    I recently experienced a week of panic attacks. The first 3 times I took a pill...they were .5, it worked and I could calm down. After that the small dose did not work and I landed in the ER. I take nothing else and haven't taken any other benzo in years. I'd like to give it a lower rating due to the fact that dependency happens so fast if you aren't careful and can't cope other ways. They are definitely a bandaid. They do work though to stop panic . Just be careful and only take as necessary. Side effect..calm and sleepy..in a daze. Took an hour for them to kick in also.

  2. Tygozuru

    This medicine has given me my life back. I went to the ER three times last week alone, and was finding myself in the ER twice a week on a regular basis. Finally the doctor there prescribed me this medicine. It works wonders, and puts my anxiety to a minimum. It helps with the chest and throat tightness. I feel great. The only downside is after about 4 hours my symptoms come back. So I take another and am once again feeling better! I'd recommend it to anyone suffering severe anxiety.

  3. Daitaxe

    I take 2mg at bed time. This really does help me sleep. I know I am addicted to this pill and that scares me. But it does work to calm me down.

  4. Doujar

    Ativan is a miracle drug. Whoever invented it should have received the Nobel Prize. Zero adverse effetcs, completely safe. I am going through chemo and my beloved old companion cat which I had for over 14 years died after many months of poor health. I felt gripping anxiety for weeks, it felt like my chest was going to explode. I was faced with vet bills and wasn't working. Ativan worked in less than an hour, I felt such relief, and only after 1mg. I take it once, sometimes twice, a day and my life is bearable. Please don't suffer. If you experience anxiety ask you Dr for Ativan, even 0.5 mg may work.

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