Achat ativan grande bretagne buy brand ativan manufacturer coupon

By | 21.05.2018

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5 thoughts on “Achat ativan grande bretagne buy brand ativan manufacturer coupon

  1. Daikazahn

    I love them. .5 mg when I'm shaking (getting over a fear of heights) that I got due to a sickness. Tried all others none worked & they had bad side affects. Take it at work and drive fine, work fine. Makes me not care about heights, bills, stresses in life, just a very good pill. Just watch out have been caught twice looking at a wall for hours smiling not knowing it was that long just content and happy...

  2. Zologrel

    The absolute ONLY thing that worked to calm me down enough to fall asleep during anxiety induced insomnia that came on suddenly from perimenopause-and its cheap. I've been on it one year along with an antidepressant and am now weaning off it SLOWLY-When I got down to one pill, I cut down 1/4 at a time and stayed at that amt for 4 weeks...I'm now down to 1/2 of one pill at the .5 mg dosage. Be careful because it is addicting...take the lowest dosage that you can....and you can wean off by yourself....even after a year...the most I was on was 3 (.5 mg) pills. I was taking one at 5pm to kick start my relaxation and 2 before bed. I've learned that positive thinking really works! Your thoughts become your actions...

  3. Julkis

    Doctor prescribed me 30 .5mg and 30 1mg. I am about 110lbs, 5'4" and the .5 calms me down but doesn't make me a zombie, while the 1mg usually makes me pass right out and have a great sleep. Sometimes it feels like the drug takes up to an hour to take affect, but once it does I feel great. When I am really anxious, I feel the effects more quickly, within 15 minutes. I only take them when I feel anxious, and it usually helps my anxiety go away long enough for me to deal with my problems, so I never feel myself "coming down" from it. Both doses feel like they last the same amount of time (about 6-7 hours), but the calming effect is just stronger with the 1mg.

  4. Mazusar

    I was originally given this drug to help me with anxiety after being diagnosed with lung cancer. The cancer is gone but the nerves are still a little shakey. I take 1mg at night before I go to bed.

  5. Nekree

    OMg, my grandmother takes this and it makes her absolutely the worst person you would EVER want to be around. She gets mean, tells people rude and horrible things and then yells and screams at us for no apprent reason. I am 28yrs old and have 2 kids, full time job and going to college, i don't need the drama this medication brings to our family. she says its the only thing keeping her sane, but many of us feel that she is the opposit on this drug. It should not be allowed to be taken by depressed individuals, and a phyc. test be done randomly. She was taking up to 6 per day of the 10mg. This has changed my grandmother from a 'all natural foods +healing " person to a drug popping idot that 'needs' to take it in order to deal with day to day activities. HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. TOOOO EASILY PRESCRIBED.

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