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Ativan without a prescription arizona tempe - Wort (Hypericum

I don't look down on anyone but it's that overall problem that causes people like me to get close to the end of life before we get help. A doctor needs to be a doctor, not a narcotics law enforment official. Finally got order but no scan till June. But the following conditions must be met:. Sorry I didn't fully answer your question because I was busy venting-lol.


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  1. Gardajas

    I am a 79 year old woman. I was prescribed 1MG of Ativan years ago for sleep as I am a naturally anxious person...worrier etc. Last November I went through a traumatizing surgery on my back and came up with GAD. I was put on Cymbalta, which made me very sick. I was left with this jittery, crying daily problem and I finally asked if I could break up a 1MG Ativan pill and take some of it when I felt these awful jitters coming on. He agreed it was O.K. I resisted it for a week or two after reading some of the posts but I now think I am old and I need to stop being anxiety ridden. My family deserves for me to be normal. If taking Ativan accomplishes this. O.K.

  2. Gradislav

    You would have to be crazy to take Ativan. I took 1-2 mg 2x a day for 6 months and had withdrawal symptoms for almost 4 years after stopping over a 2 week period per my doctor. If you think your life is bad before taking Ativan just wait until you experience the withdrawal and after effects of this poison. After 2 years still had vibrating hyper sensitive vision and hearing . Burning in your nerves especially in your feet. Forget sleep all you do is lie in bed awake for me almost 2 years dreaming while awake. That part was the most torturous part of the med. The FDA needs to remove Ativan from FDA approval immediately.

  3. Kagor

    I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder and take this nightly to sleep. This medication works wonderfully for relieving the physical symptoms of GAD which is what it was intended for. Yes this is addictive and has side effects that can affect memory however I don't think I could live without this medication. Anti-Depressants don't touch my anxiety where as this does.

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