Order ativan no prescription ohio hamilton

By | 17.10.2017

order ativan no prescription ohio hamilton

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2 thoughts on “Order ativan no prescription ohio hamilton

  1. Zulkishura

    I have been on Ativan for probably the better part of 15 years. These last 7 years everyday. I am a recovering alcoholic (6 years and 27 days without a drink) I was self medicating and I sometimes have horrible panic attacks, and I often have high anxiety. This calms me down. I also have back problems and am in pain management, and taken with my pain medicines they kick each other in stronger.

  2. Vudozahn

    I have been on Lorazepam for almost a year for anxiety and panic attacks, at first it was to help ease my symptoms until prozac had kicked in- 3 days of Prozac was not good for me, so I quit and continued with Lorazepam 1/4 pill every morning under my tongue and let it dissolve, it orignally was 3 1mg a day, that would put me to sleep all day.. I can cope every day and not fear of freaking out in front of customers and going grocery shopping. I feel really good.

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