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By | 03.03.2018

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4 thoughts on “Order ativan no prescription rhode island providence

  1. Temuro

    I have had anxiety issues for years but they have worsened considerably lately. I had an anxiety attack so bad a week ago that i went to the e.r and was prescribed a low dose ativan until could see my regular doctor. The medicine helped me so much that i cant begin to describe it. I wasnt able to get in to see my regular pain doctor for the next week or so, and when i did he did not want to prescribe it to me, even after i described how it had opened my eyes and made me realize that i wanted to to stop taking my regular pain meds (methadone, norco)just so that i could have something to make me enjoy life again. My doctor of course says that he "hates that medicine" and it took everything to convince him to at least give me something else for anxity. So instead he prescribed me very small doses of klonopins. At first it sounded to me as if they would be similar but to my dissapointment they are not. Ativans changed the way i was thinking and made me feel very positive about life. I am now in the process of trying to get my doctor changed so that i may have the option of changing the med. My advise to anyone out there is to be on top of your case, and dont just let your doctor take advantage of the fact that you dont know as nuch about med. as they do. Nobody can tell you how much pain you are in. GOOD LUCK

  2. Nikora

    For anxiety this drug works well. I do not take it daily, therefore I have not experienced withdrawl or dependence.

  3. Mauhn

    I was on 1mg of Ativan at night as needed. It worked pretty well. Once the side effects went away (a little sleepy and off-balance) I started taking half a pill in the daytime whenever I felt stressed and it seemed to last most of the day. It also helps whenever I feel angry at work. If not for Ativan, I would probably have quit my job or knocked someone out.

  4. Barbara

    This medicine has saved my life on several occasions. I developed physical anxiety issues (severe tingling, losing balance, trouble driving, insomnia, etc) a year after my 3rd child was born. My physician tried several SSRI and tricyclic antidepressants. They all made my symptoms worse. Ativan/Lorazepam helped immediately for all symptoms. In my opinion it is a miracle and I hate how it is demonized in the media and medical community. When you suffer a month without sleeping hardly at all and can barely function in a normal setting due to crippling physical anxiety symptoms, and something provides relief, you take it. Yes, when you are ready to stop the medicine you have to reduce very slowly over a long period of time. Godsend!

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