Order ativan no prescription texas san angelo

By | 20.05.2018

order ativan no prescription texas san angelo

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4 thoughts on “Order ativan no prescription texas san angelo

  1. Kazijar

    Ativan does not help my constant state of anxiety. I always have tight feeling in chest and jittery body movements.

  2. Dudal

    Good medicine, use daily up to 3 mg/day. On it for 15 years. Have ADD and DID, so take also to calm down with all that's going in my head. Keeps me sane so why not and I need it to make my days okay.

  3. Teshakar

    I have anxiety and panic disorder and insomnia. This medication helped with all of it! I've been taking it for almost a year now and it just relaxes my whole system.. only thing I don't like about it is if I would take it too late at night I felt so out of it the next morning. So just be aware of the half-life of this drug which is about 12 hours.

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