Order cheap ativan indiana muncie

By | 26.01.2018

order cheap ativan indiana muncie

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5 thoughts on “Order cheap ativan indiana muncie

  1. Mijinn

    Listen, this is a wonder and a nightmare at the same time. Well, only if you run out. I had vicious and brutal anxiety for 20-25 years and finally did something about it in '06. First, Lexapro. Disaster. Along came Ativan. It was like Santa and Jesus worked at a drug co. and made a wonder pill. My anxiety was gone. 1mg 3times aday, right off the bat. Things were great until you run out. This stuff will hook you fast and hard. You will tell yourself it is worth it, and it is, for a while. Had to move, new psych, got me off slowly. Whatever you do, get off slowly.., now I'm on this crappy Seroquel XR, I suppose it works but, too many side effects. If you can be responsible you should be ok. If not, be careful.

  2. Mozil

    my pain mgmt doc finally put me on this med a year ago after my car accident. I started out taking 1mg at bedtime for almost a year. I'm an EXTREMELY anxious (borderline bi-polar/depressive) person and things have just been getting worse lately, w/ struggling to pay bills, work, provide for my family, etc. a month ago, my doc increased my dose of ativan to 1mg 2x/day and put me on Prozak. I almost killed myself after 3 weeks on prozak. Prozak is a HORRIBLE DRUG! anyway, back to the ativan, yesterday my doc increased my ativan to 3x/day and added deprokote. I'm hoping this will finally calm me down enough to enjoy life and have a little more patience w/ people. Overall, ativan has been pretty good for me w/ no side effects.

  3. Narr

    I am currently taking 0.5mg of Ativan tpo (when needed) for panic attacks and severe anxiety attacks. I have found that this medication is quick to work and effective at calming me down and giving me the clarity of mind to compose my thoughts and myself in very stressful situations. I have been prescribed up to 2.5mg at one point, but the doctor has been weaning me down because she is worried that i will form a dependance and apparently the withdrawl of benzos is a very uncomfortable and long one.

  4. Zuluzil

    Doctor prescribed me 30 .5mg and 30 1mg. I am about 110lbs, 5'4" and the .5 calms me down but doesn't make me a zombie, while the 1mg usually makes me pass right out and have a great sleep. Sometimes it feels like the drug takes up to an hour to take affect, but once it does I feel great. When I am really anxious, I feel the effects more quickly, within 15 minutes. I only take them when I feel anxious, and it usually helps my anxiety go away long enough for me to deal with my problems, so I never feel myself "coming down" from it. Both doses feel like they last the same amount of time (about 6-7 hours), but the calming effect is just stronger with the 1mg.

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