Order cheap ativan new hampshire

By | 19.11.2017

order cheap ativan new hampshire

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3 thoughts on “Order cheap ativan new hampshire

  1. Akinogis

    Of all the medicines I have tried for alleviating anxiety, this was the ONLY one that really worked. I suffer from the co-morbidity of depression as well as mild ADHD and am now trying 1-3mg (as needed) usually 1mg in the morning and 2mg if I experience panic attacks. It has helped me function normally during periods of unbelievable stress (divorce, bankruptcy, separation from my beloved kids) and ongoing emotional trauma. It doesn't interfere with other medicines (Zoloft and Concerta) and is wonderfully calming.

  2. Fedal

    I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia along with all the other issues that come with it. Anxiety & stress easily are two of the things. Ativan over Xanax for me big time for some reason Xanax would make my ankles swell? Then I tried Ativan and it worked great I put under my tongue and it melts under there and helps me within 15 minutes. I can go some weeks/months without ever taking it and then If I have a bad issue with the family or a panic attack from a flare it works fabulous. The most I've had to take it was 10 days in a row. I've had a prescription since 2004 and it's 2016 I get 30 1.mg a month. I don't use them all but I do get a refill every couple months just to have some on hand.

  3. Yojinn

    I was given .5 mg in the ER for a panic attack brought on my another medication. It really helped to sooth me. I do not take it every day; only as needed if I have a panic attack. It works great for helping me to relax. I wouldn't recommend taking every day unless you have no other option because it is a highly addictive medication.

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