Order cheap ativan west virginia charleston

By | 25.11.2017

order cheap ativan west virginia charleston

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5 thoughts on “Order cheap ativan west virginia charleston

  1. Nelabar

    It helps keep me calm & keep my stress level under control. I take 1 mg twice a day. The cons of this drug is that it can make me tired 24/7 so I only get the script filled every 2-3 weeks. I take it 'as needed' which was reccomended by my doctor.

  2. Goltigal

    I was on 1mg of Ativan at night as needed. It worked pretty well. Once the side effects went away (a little sleepy and off-balance) I started taking half a pill in the daytime whenever I felt stressed and it seemed to last most of the day. It also helps whenever I feel angry at work. If not for Ativan, I would probably have quit my job or knocked someone out.

  3. Zulugar

    I was prescribed this drug, to help control my panic attacks, and help to 'calm' my mood. Overall, I feel this drug did what it was prescribed for.

  4. Zutilar

    I take adavan for panic attacks caused by load noises or medical test and the dentist it is very effective within 30 minutes it makes me sleepy and relaxed. I get off balance and dizzy so I usually need help walking it is a great medication for panic attacks

  5. Torisar

    I used this medication thirty years ago for anxiety, and recently, I had to get another prescription for it. I have always felt near-immediate relief when taking it. I weigh over 200 pounds, and the 1mg taken as needed gives me relief from an occasional anxious or panicky feelings. I've had no other side-effects, such as drowsiness, etc., even when taken in the daytime.

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