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Yo or Hell No! What Do You Think About Emma Roberts in Rebecca Taylor Floral Cotton Midi Dress?

Emma Roberts has recently been digging into Boho and floral summery style quite a lot. Roberts has been carrying herself like a stunner in these easy-breezy dresses and tops. One of the recent evidence was when she was clicked looking like a breeze of fresh air with beau Garrett Hedlund walking hand-in-hand as they stroll… Read More »

What Your Venus Sign Says About Your Relationships (and Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out If Your Sun Signs Clash)

As you probably already know, Venus is the planet of love, beauty and pleasure. It influences how we express affection, who we’re attracted to, and our own allure. Given how important romantic relationships can be to us, it’s surprising we don’t pay more attention to our Venus sign, because it’s a better indicator of who… Read More »