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Bipolar and Dementia

Even if my bipolar disorder progresses, even if I get dementia, I can still love and be loved. March 25, 2020 by Kitt O’Malley Leave a Comment I fear dementia. Both of my parents have dementia and live in a memory care community. They love one another and seem happy where they are now, but… Read More »

Can light therapies help with bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterized by episodes of both depressed and elevated mood. It typically begins in the late teens to early 20s. During depressive episodes, people experience low mood, loss of self-confidence, hopelessness, and impaired sleep and appetite. Manic episodes are marked by an increase in energy, euphoric or irritable and rapidly… Read More »

Bipolar disorder during pregnancy: Lessons learned

Careful management of bipolar disorder during pregnancy is critical because for so many patients with this illness, the road to emotional well-being has been a long one, requiring a combination of careful pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic strategies.Half of referrals to our Center for Women’s Mental Health – where we evaluate and treat women before, during, and… Read More »

Lithium Realm: My Bipolar Hell

This is a true story. Living undiagnosed with bipolar and general anxiety disorder her entire life, Ashlynn Stone quickly spirals out of control at the same time her popularity in the new club she and her husband joined, soars. The close relationship she had with her family is gone. Her once impeccable reputation at work… Read More »