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‘Are You Man Enough?’ Sperm Donors Lured to Donate By Appealing to Their Masculinity

Sperm donors lured by masculinity (Photo Credits: Pixabay) London, May 22: Sperm banks often use images and phrases associated with masculinity to procure sperm for free, new research has found. “It’s interesting that sperm banks are able to procure sperm for free as long as they sell it as a way to affirm the masculinity of… Read More »

Living Transplant Donors Need Long-Term Monitoring, Too

By Scott Maier While organ transplant recipients receive continual care as the end-stage treatment to their condition, attention also should be given to living donors, who can suffer from hypertension, diabetes and other disorders after donation, according to a study by researchers at UC San Francisco. As reported online April 12, 2019, in JAMA Network Open, by… Read More »