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What is the Risk for Relapse After Stopping Antidepressants During Pregnancy?

For women taking antidepressants, how do we decide whether or not they should maintain their medication during pregnancy? Based on our previous research and clinical experiences, we know that many women who discontinue antidepressant therapy will relapse during pregnancy.  Our decision is typically guided by the severity of the woman’s illness.  If she has had… Read More »

How can international travel resume during the coronavirus pandemic?

By Michael Le Page Different countries have different rules for travellersRaylipscombe/Getty Images Much of the world is starting to open up again, with many countries easing or planning to ease coronavirus travel restrictions. But would-be travellers face a confusing, uncertain and fast-changing situation. As the coronavirus spread around the world, a lot of countries –… Read More »

Actress Carolina Kopelioff Shares Her Workout & Diet During COVID-19!

Carolina Kopelioff is an Argentinian actor, singer and model, known for the role of Nina Simonetti in the Disney Channel series Soy Luna. She also won the Best actress in the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards Argentina. Women Fitness President joins the actress on her successful journey in the entertainment realm. Namita Nayyar: Your first-ever audition experience? Share your best ever performance… Read More »

What Happens During An Anxiety Attack? Important Information That You Must Know

What happens during an anxiety attack? The physiological reasons that contribute to an anxiety attack are not known. The effects of the anxiety attacks, however, are widely known. Anxiety is a natural and common emotion that every living individual will feel. Its purpose is the same as our senses; to alert us to danger and… Read More »

Sleep During Infancy

Infants are actually a miracle and are fragile when they are first born. They require constant attention and care during their first yr of life. Sleep is significant for his or her growth and development. A new child child averages sixteen hours of sleep a day they usually get the quantity they need in thirty… Read More »