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The measles infected nearly every child in the US — until a vaccine was introduced

Cheryl Healton remembers the look on her mother’s face when the then 8-year old was diagnosed with measles in 1961. “I could tell by her reaction that my life was at risk,” said Healton, now 66 and the dean of New York University’s College of Global Public Health. It was. While measles is best known… Read More »

Stomach bloating: The 50p food you should be eating every day to prevent trapped wind pain

Stomach bloating is a common condition that affects most people at some point in their lifetime, according to the NHS. It can make the stomach feel stretched and puffy, and it’s generally just not very comfortable. Your trapped wind may be caused by the foods in your diet, and likewise, some foods could help to… Read More »

Medical News Today: Letter from the Editor: Enjoy every moment

Ice skating, chocolate making, and dinner in a 15th-century cellar; as always, the Medical News Today annual winter party was an event to remember. But it wasn’t the activities that made our party special. It was the company. The MNT team had a fabulous dinner in a 15th-century cellar for the annual winter party. Life… Read More »